Substance Use Education & Prevention Curriculum Guide

This 15-week course will provide youth with an introduction to substance use disorders as well as background information on the impact this disease is having on society. In addition, youth will become familiar with prevention strategies being implemented on a state and federal level, as well as in local communities, to combat this epidemic. As a final assessment for the course, students will be required to develop a hypothetical social marketing campaign. All objectives will be met through presentations, large and small group discussion and film.

Drug Education Curriculum

The Collaborative’s Drug Education Curriculum includes evidence-based resources and information on topics ranging from, Prescription drugs and heroin to underage drinking and vaping prevention. This curriculum is used to supplement the lesson plans outlined in the Substance Use Education & Prevention Curriculum Guide. This curriculum was developed in May of 2014 with funding from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Bureau of Substance Abuse Services and the Partnership for Success II grant for the City of Brockton. Updated June 2016 with support from the Heroin Education Funds distributed by the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office. Download HERE.

Handbook on Vaping Resources for Schools

How after years of smoke free schools, do you address a vapor that dissipates quickly and smells like perfume? How do you address something so frequent that youth report they encounter it on 9 out of 10 trips to the bathroom? How do you address ever changing paraphernalia in an environment where recreational marijuana use is legal? This guide, developed in 2019, is in response to these questions and was created through interviews, focus groups, and surveys of adults and local youth, as well as an extensive literature review. This guide is for schools to be better resourced in how to address vaping through providing information to school staff, parents and students.

A Manual Guide on How to Conduct a Photovoice Project

PhotoVoice is a qualitative research method that puts cameras in the hands of its participants. Each week, participants are given a question related to substance use that they are expected to answer through their photography. Upon their return each week, students are asked to reflect upon their photography and their thoughts related to the questions, in a focus group setting.  Due to the high demand and intensive nature of the project, a train the trainer and guidebook is available to implement this program with students in school or in the community.