In August of 2013, the Coalition piloted a project called Photovoice. Photovoice is an innovative qualitative research method that puts cameras in the hands of its participants. Photovoice gives participants an opportunity to utilize their voice through a creative lens by capturing photographs and sharing stories through group facilitation. Participants deeply reflect on problems that are affecting their community and discuss possible solutions. The end product is a display of unique photography coupled with quoted stories to raise awareness to the community at large with the ultimate goal of creating effective change.

Photovoice Documentary

Photovoice is a qualitative research method that puts cameras in the hands of its participants. Each week, participants were given a question that they were expected to answer through their photography. Upon their return each week, students were asked to reflect upon their photography and their thoughts related to the questions, in a focus group setting. Quotes were then derived from those reflection groups to go along with the photography. This not only gave young people an opportunity for non-traditional drug education, but also a chance to share their voice in issues where they are not often heard.

Due to the overwhelming positive response we have received from these projects, we decided to film a documentary that captures the PhotoVoice process and the youth’s perspective on their experience. This documentary was produced by Brockton’s own award winning Noube Productions and the Brockton Area Prevention Collaborative. Filming took place from July 11 to July 15 within Brockton, Whitman-Hanson and Rockland where six individuals from previous PhotoVoice projects shared their experience. This documentary can now be utilized as a prevention tool for youth in the region.