Brockton 2015 Fall Jobs
Photovoice Project


“Your wishes and dreams can be crushed by drugs and never come true.”

“I see a part of the drug community, something you need, a piece of the puzzle.”

“They are making a handshake but actually passing drugs.”

“I’ve seen the negative effects of drug deals.”

“Dirty Sprite. Mix it with codeine, make it lean.”

“Doctors are handing pills out like its candy without knowing what people will do with them. There’s a pill for everything, but it’s like a legal drug deal.”

“Sometimes when people find their passion, they can help fill the void that they have inside them. Rather than using drugs, they can get involved with their passion.”

“Even a child can see how drugs are affecting your community. He is looking away. The eyes are the window to your soul and it looks like he is scared of the world.”

“In society that’s what people are thinking. Things to do: drugs. You can also lose time and decrease your life length. You lose moments with your family, your friends and yourself. Each day is a new chance.”

“People don’t think that pills are drugs because they’re handed out by the doctors. They think they’re safe. Pills can have the same effect of other drugs; it’s just prescribed by a different person. It’s like false advertisement. The medicinal use of some drugs can be a cover-up.”

“You sell drugs to get what you want. Like mad people sell weed to buy sneakers.”

“It is always quiet, (or it looks quiet) but you never know what could pop up. It makes me scared and uncomfortable sometimes.”

“The best things in life aren’t things. It’s not the Ferrari or the sneakers or the clothes. It’s the connections that you have in life. It’s the things that are actually free. Feeling safe, feeling loved. When it comes to addiction and substance use, when kids are experimenting they are maybe looking for that connection. They want to be accepted by their friends, they want to build that connection and they think that by using drugs they might build it.”

“There are programs to help kids get off drugs and lead them on a good path. She has dedicated her life to help other people, by sharing stories and giving people hope. If you relate to a person and trust them, you might go get help. These programs can keeps kids off the streets, rather than being with bad influences. It is informing them about the drugs they’re surrounded by.”

“People think that certain drugs can have good use. People think it keeps someone active until they’re in too deep.”

“This is present in schools; people go to school high all the time.”

“The purple represents purple drink and green represents weed. This guy is on the edge and could take his life.”

“Report to a trusted adult to save a life.”

“Sports can help kids stay away from drugs. My Basketball team is like family to me. Family isn’t necessarily the people you live with.”

“Even though the houses look the same on the outside, there might be two different families. The neighborhood can be considered a family too. If there are problems, you can always go home and talk with your family. Family really do care; you just have to build that trust and have confidence in them. You have to talk to them, otherwise they won’t know what’s going on. Then they can support you and give you good advice. Home is a safe place, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like that. Your home is like your own little world. Everyone’s home is different. Some people think their home is horrible but they are exposed to even worse things in the outside world. Home isn’t necessarily a physical place, it can be a feeling.”