East Bridgewater High School Photovoice Project
Fall 2017


“Don’t knock down the people who are struggling with addiction. People are dying. There are people missing at the family dinner table. Addiction doesn’t just affect the person, it affects their families too.”

“I was thinking with all the colors in the sky, that it could be all the different people in the community. Everyone who is affected is a different person, but everyone is affected. It doesn’t discriminate, it affects us all.”

“There are warning signs all around, but people overlook it and continue into the unknown.”

“Younger people are looking up to older people and it’s continuing from generation to generation.”

“Addiction is a lonely disease, cutting away ties with your loved ones.”

“This is what people see when they are under the influence. Chaos, spinning out of control.”

“The idea of a door open in general means opportunity. But, there’s also a door that’s closed in this picture. Closing another door might mean another door may open for you.”

“So many people that are addicted to substances spend so many years in a haze. They don’t remember special moments in their life. Once you get out of the haze, or become sober, it might be hard to deal with the fact that you missed all of those events.”

“With the branches and everything reaching out, the branches are the people and there’s a lot of people in the community and a lot going on. The sun coming through could be like the small percent that is trying to help while everyone else is trying to ignore it.”

“This photo shows isolation. What it might be like to not be able to cross a barrier or get into another portion of your recovery because of roadblocks. You’re being held in or trapped.”