Independence Academy Photovoice Project
Spring 2016


“When I see this photo I think of a crack house. It doesn’t affect the community in a positive way because drug addicts and homeless people can just walk in there and I don’t think it’s positive for the community. This could also symbolize a person that is addicted to something because it destroys them just like the building is destroyed.”

“I took a picture of a lock box to show that adults need to lock their prescription drugs in a safe to keep kids from abusing them. By doing this, fewer children would have access to harmful drugs.  This could also represent a person addicted to drugs because they are locked down. Even though the key is right there it still isn’t that easy.”

“The relationship between homelessness and drugs is that people on drugs lose everything and can end up sleeping in a card board box.”

“Drugs affect the community at all different ages. Around Massachusetts there are recovery high schools to give kids the support they need during recovery. I feel like my school has changed me in a positive way because of all the support I have here. You can change yourself if you want to, when you come here it helps you straighten out and show you what you could actually do instead of doing drugs.”

“People use drugs because they feel like their life is not put together. They feel like they need to use substances to feel better. But life is like a rubix cube you have to try different things to figure out what works.”

“People are looking away from the problems that communities are having with drugs. Instead of ignoring the drug problem we should address it and try to help people that struggle with addiction.”

“This photo is symbolizing the relationship between the drink and person. No matter what the person does they cannot break free from the drink because of their addiction. Just like when you get put in jail you can’t break free from handcuffs.”

“I took this picture because it makes me feel peaceful and relaxed, and it makes me feel clean. Substance abuse is a rocky road.”

“Some people believe taking prescription drugs is a way to experience happiness but it is only temporary. The damage they do in the long run will make you unhappy, which is why I made the pills into a sad face.”

“I took a picture of a chain with the word ‘addiction’ on it. The chain symbolizes the effect addiction has on people. One person may use but many people are connected to it and suffering from what that person is doing. This picture can also be compared to a chain you can’t break when using drugs. Using drugs turns into a habit and it’s hard to break a habit, just like it is hard to break a chain without tools.”

“People recovering from drugs need support and counseling. Being able to talk to someone about how you feel and what you’re going through helps relieve the stress. At my school I can always see a counselor when I feel like using, or if I’m upset. I think everyone should have support like this during recovery.”

“Where do people access drugs? People access drugs from cabinets and drawers that medicine is kept in. All prescription drugs should be locked up and out of reach of children to try and prevent problems.”

“This picture represents losing a loved one. This is what happens with prescription drugs and people don’t realize how serious this is. People are becoming fed up with doctors giving away these prescriptions to people that don’t even need it.”

“You don’t have to toss your dirty needles in the street; there is a safe way to dispose of them.”

“I like to go on walks to help me clear my head. Being out in nature can put everything into perspective. Going for walks are really helpful and getting active and moving instead of just sitting down and thinking. It’s hard for me to utilize it if I’m already in the heat of the moment, but if I can wait a second and go before it gets too bad walks are really helpful. You don’t have to go through recovery alone but keep control of who you are, and you’re the only one that can help yourself.”