Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School
Photovoice Project
Spring 2017


“Sometimes drugs can like rip apart your life and damage your purpose– friends start to leave and the people you love most start to fade and before you know it you’re addicted and it changes everything including the person that you said you’d never be.”

“I feel like they could’ve thought the world was against them and just because someone does drugs doesn’t mean they’re a bad person, but the world sometimes makes it seem that way. There is always that person that is underneath all of that and is trying to escape it, but it’s hard.”

“After that first choice, it is not so much of a choice anymore. The second they step off that rock, what if they can’t swim?”


“Drugs can break up families – thinking of the empty seat, the person that should be there, but isn’t.”

“It’s like you have to meet the person halfway so they an get the help they need – giving them steps, showing them the way to go.”

The first bolt is rusty, but then you can’t see the rust anymore – so it is like the path to recovery leading in a good direction, one step at a time.”

“This happens every day and there are ways that we can stop it. Some people don’t even know that it is happening. It is just everywhere.”

“You can post all of these nice things and then internally you might be going through something else. On social media, a lot of people post what they want you to see, but really there is way more to you – who you are, your life and what you are doing.”


“This person is trying to get away from everyone, hiding the fact that they are on drugs – maybe because they don’t want people to be disappointed by them or they’re scared. Do you think if they weren’t ashamed, they would be more likely to reach out for help?”

“Maybe they started doing drugs because of the reflection of their past – their past keeps following them. The water symbolizes you being free after all those rough times – the past will always be there, but there is always hope that something better will happen.”

“The construction is trying to rebuild the road – just like a person struggling with addiction. It looks like there is such a long road ahead, but the end line is still visible.”

“You can hide in it your hand you don’t have to open up for help, but it is right there right on the ledge. This might be what their family wants people to see – that they have a perfect life and a perfect family so they try to cover it up. They don’t ask because they don’t want people to see that it isn’t perfect, that there are flaws.”

“Everyone has a hole in their life and they try to fill it with something whether it is drugs, money, work, sports.”

“I think it exemplifies what other people see of you. People are usually judged by the way they look, but maybe the inside of the building is not so bad even though it is broken on the outside.”

“They may be dealing with the drugs, they are alone because everyone left them or maybe they didn’t want to leave them but they had no choice because the drugs just got out of control.”