Overdose Vigil by Candlelight
August 30, 2022  –  6PM
Massasoit Community College

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If you would like to include a photo or story of your loved one in this year’s
Overdose Vigil by Candlelight, please submit to photo.vigil@gmail.com by 8/19/22.

Memorial Slideshow - Criteria for Submissions

For a photograph to be utilized it must be emailed to photo.vigil@gmail.com and meet the following criteria:

  • Must be submitted by a family member.
  • Must be of an adequate size and quality to be significantly enlarged.
    (screenshots of photographs or prayer cards cannot be blown up)
  • Screenshots from phones must be cropped to just the photograph.
  • The person must be clearly identifiable.
    (cannot be a picture of multiple people of the same gender)
  • The person cannot be actively consuming drugs, alcohol or smoking.
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